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Ahtisham Hussain

Google Plus Ad Extensions

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to stand out and improve their return on investment, with UK digital ad spend up 12.6% the internet is a major platform for lead generation and brand building. In today’s digital world it’s almost impossible to avoid incorporating Google Adwords within your marketing strategy.  More importantly managing a […]

Can’t Afford to Pay for SEO?

If you are considering paying for SEO or Social Media services then before you do so it is advisable to take advantage of any FREE opportunities to optimise and more importantly generate traffic. I am referring to Google Plus Local, Bing, Yahoo!, Yell, Yelp or Best of the Web. These listings have the potential to offer a […]

Merging Google Plus Local With Places

In previous posts we have looked at the most recent changes to Google Places and now Google Plus Local listings, these entries are key for any small to medium sized business.  I am finding most SME’s are still unaware of the changeover and are failing to make the most of the new social features of […]

What Is Keyword Stuffing?

In today’s post I wanted to address something that I hear frequently from business owners looking to make an impact on search engines with struggling websites. “Can we supply you a list of keywords to appear on our site as we have been told that this will improve it’s performance on Google?” Undoubtedly, keywords are […]

The Worth of Facebook Likes

Facebook announced earlier this month that it would start stepping up security on its branded pages, more specifically aiming to remove FAKE Likes from their network.  This will equate to about 1% of LIKES on any given page, not huge but certainly a step in the right direction. Let’s be honest about it, for all those […]

Bing Beat Google to it…Disavow Links

In a previous post I blogged about a tool called Remove’em which helps website owners remove large volumes of  ‘bad’ links through one simple platform.  These are links accumulated through bad link practice in the past which is now starting to hurt rankings as a result of the Penguin update. Looks like website owners are going […]

Where Is Google Places?

Many of us are familiar with Google Places results when searching for a local business, it has also been referred to as Maps or Local in the past.  Google are at it again and recently changed the name over to : Google+ Local.  Yes, they have linked up Places with Google+ their social networking platform. […]

Social Analytics – Tracking Social Media Impact

With the increasing popularity of social media in business there is now a requirement to be able to analyse this traffic and determine it’s true value. SEO is changing and social signals are clearly influencing rankings, the difficulty is to track these signals especially now that search engines are always evolving at a faster pace. […]

Remove’em – How to Remove Bad Backlinks

In the wake of the recent Penguin update there are some very creative services being introduced that are helping reverse any potential damage caused to SEO campaigns and in turn rankings. If you have ever looked into link building for your own site in the past to boost your inbound/backlink count then it is very […]

What Is a Link Wheel?

It’s common knowledge that inbound links are good for SEO, the higher the authority of those links and the number of them plays a key role in your position on search engines. The link factor is one of many which now includes social, we have covered this in previous SEO link factor posts. So what […]

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