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Dan has spent more than 10 years writing and marketing on the web, originally for some of the UK's largest publishers, and now for a variety of clients from small consultancies to international brands and media companies. He has experience in a wide range of areas, from content marketing and social media to mobile app development, but has a particular focus on how effective content drives conversions, whether that involves text, images or video.

Why Buy Multiple Domains for your Business?

When you register the web address for your company website, you’ll be asked if you’re interested in an almost endless list of extra potential addresses. But why buy multiple domains for your business? The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially an internet phone book. You can reach a website by typing in 28 letters and […]

How Video Can Help Boost Your SEO

Explaining how video helps your SEO efforts means explaining a bit of a paradox. Search engines can’t ‘see’ what is in video content, although Google and Bing are among the companies developing image and video recognition software. Yet video can really boost the search engine optimisation of your website. The question is how your business […]

Live Video – Marketing with Periscope, Meerkat and MyEye

Streaming live video to market your business is not a new idea. From webinars to conferences and static webcams, there have been a number of ways to create and share live content for some time. But the recent launches of live streaming applications Periscope, Meerkat and MyEye (with investment from David Beckham) have put a […]

Essential Videos for Business Marketing

There are a host of ways video marketing can benefit your business, including the fact that customers are 34% more likely to purchase after viewing a video advert, and on landing pages, video can increase conversions by up to 80%. So when you’re building your content strategy, what are the essential videos for business marketing […]

How to Optimise a Facebook Business Page

With around 24 million daily users, it’s not hard to see why you need to know how to optimise a Facebook Business Page. It means that 2 out of every 3 people with an internet connection in the UK are checking into Facebook each day. And there are numerous benefits for your company beyond raising […]

The Best Sites for Sharing Videos Beyond YouTube

If you’re investing time and money in producing video content, then you want to make sure you get the best possible return. One way to do that is to expand where you publish your videos. Uploading to multiple locations doesn’t involve a lot of extra work, but can make a big difference to your potential […]

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