Fraser Deans

Web Accessibility 101

Website accessibility is massively overlooked by everyone and it should be one of your highest priorities. Here’s why… Website accessibility allows people with disabilities to use your website. People that have visual disabilities, restricted movement, seizure disorders or learning difficulties should all be able to access your website and it’s your responsibility to ensure that […]

What Are the Cost Areas of Building a Website? Part 2

In part 1 of this article we looked at the initial setup costs of building a website: getting yourself a domain name and organising a website design. There are, however, other areas to consider. Web Hosting Web hosting can be extremely complicated but it need not be. For most businesses a simple web hosting plan from […]

What Are the Cost Areas of Building a Website? Part 1

For the most part, the costs of building a website relate to the size of the website you are looking to build for your business. A small static website (a website that doesn’t need changing frequently) can be really quite cheap whereas a large website with a custom design and advanced content management system could […]

Where Can We Get a Web Design From? Part 2

Finding a web designer for your business can be a daunting prospect but it need not be. In part one we looked at the more expensive options out there: web agencies and freelance designers however there are cheaper solutions around. Crowd sourcing Crowd sourcing has been a bit of a buzz word the last couple of […]

Where Can We Get a Web Design From? Part 1

So you want to push your business onto the web and need someone to design you a kick ass website. You want a design that keeps your marketing team happy, is both beautiful and easy to use, has fantastic content and most importantly is something that is going to win you business. Where on earth […]

Web Design: Understanding Purpose

Any kind of product design is a balance between form and function. Good designers get this balance correct ensuring that the product is both beautiful and also that it fulfils the problem it was made to solve. Take a chair for example: it must be both comfortable to sit in and aesthetic. I doubt anyone […]

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