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Honor Clement-Hayes

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Honor is a content writer who believes that stories sell. She has a background in online marketing, and now writes across print, video, press, radio and digital. Current fascinations include coding, grammar debates on Twitter and rediscovering the joys of a library card.

Are Your Online Ads Irritating? No? Maybe They Should Be…

According to Econsultancy, 62% of people in the UK find online ads annoying. The trouble is, even as a marketer, I can’t disagree that ads are annoying. They kind of have to be to get attention, don’t they? It’s an unfortunate fact that some of the least appealing techniques in copywriting and graphic design seem […]

Why You Should Put Internal Links in Your Blog Posts

Internal links connect your new blog post to other pages on your website. They could be other related blog posts, your product or service pages, information PDF downloads, email newsletter signup… any content you think your visitors would benefit from taking a look at.   Why internal links matter to you People clicking about your […]

How to Market to Millennials

Nasty, sticky things. Glad I never was one. (I am one.) According to Google’s Consumer Barometer (which, by the way, you should totally be using to check your demographic’s online habits), 91% of the UK’s under-25s go online every single day. They may be nasty and sticky but they’re also THERE and eager to spend. […]

Is Now the Time to Consider Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram?

The two biggest “Yeah it’s cool but how will they ever monetise THAT” platforms have recently made their moves and shown exactly how they’re going to make dollar out of cool pictures. Pinterest Where every girl goes to daydream about her rustic lakeside wedding, complete with tweed waistcoated page boys and live doves carrying the […]

How to Say Sorry To Customers on Social Media

When you’ve messed up and there’s a lot of people who are going to see you’ve messed up, it feels like the end of days. You scrabble about trying to fix it, sweating with dread of the instant backlash the internet facilitates. But instead of seeing your screw-up as a negative (OK, maybe not instead […]

The 5 Best Things About Social Video

For a small-ish business, marketing that you can pull together with just a phone and a spare minute is such a coup. Maybe you don’t feel up to making miniature product ads but you can certainly use video for content marketing, the feel-good brand knowledge stuff that’s going to get people engaging with you. Social […]

But No One Reads Blogs About Tube Manufacturing – Right?

Wrong. Maybe no one wants to follow a blog that reads like the user manual for a hydrostatic pipe testing machine, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear related information from an expert in the industry. It’s also seriously underestimating the power of search engines to say that business blogs don’t get read. You […]

Fake It With Placeit

Professional photography can be expensive and although it’s nearly always worth the money to make your business look amazing, it can be a difficult step financially. Lots of small businesses have this problem – great product, difficulty showing it off. But luckily, there’s a seriously clever answer. Placeit Placeit is the kind of idea you wish […]

Getting Bloggers Onside: How to Approach an Influencer

In a recent post I mentioned the insane influence that Instagrammers can have within their microcosms of the internet. Most of these started out with a blog, which grew into something so compulsive for readers that the blogger now enjoys a cult following of many thousands of followers across social networks. These guys are the holy grail […]

How to Plan an Infographic

I’m going to just say it: I’ve never made an infographic. I’ve planned them, written them, directed them, watched them being designed and distributed them. Never made one. Until now. I looked into a few infographic platforms because I didn’t want to just haul out Canva again (even though you can totally make infographics with […]

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