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Honor is a content writer who believes that stories sell. She has a background in online marketing, and now writes across print, video, press, radio and digital. Current fascinations include coding, grammar debates on Twitter and rediscovering the joys of a library card.

5 Things No One Told You When You Built Your Website

On a small-ish business budget, you just don’t have the wherewithal of the big guys with their fancy psychologically-tuned layouts and 24 hour website team. I’ve gathered 10 things you probably didn’t have someone around to tell you when you built your website – and guess what? They’re super easy to put right. 1. Better […]

How to learn from other people’s website layouts

Your design is unique to you – don’t take that from others. But often the key to a successful website is how it’s laid out; how the placement of elements encourages engagement and onward journeying. Big companies spend ohmygoshsomuch on the psychological theory behind web design, which is probably not going to feature greatly in the […]

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Marketing Will Fail

Trends in marketing are dangerous. Everyone gets all excited, forgets what they were doing and starts piling on with little thought to why or how. Content marketing fits this bill but only if you look at its explosion in popularity over the last few years. It’s the current darling of the marketing world, but that’s […]

The Only Question for Content Planning: Is It Christmas?

I’m trying to be clever of course, but what we’re talking about here is seasonality. When you work in a small business, time is the material you have least of (you probably have a stack of carpet samples as tall as the water cooler but you can’t make blog posts out of those, comfy and […]

Meet the Customer Personas That Keep My Content on Track

For most of my career I’ve written for lots of people at the same time, putting on new brand voices every day like an actor puts on costumes. Once I started writing in one tone of voice pretty much all the time, it should have made my life easier. But actually, it’s all too easy […]

How to Write Your Company’s Story

You don’t have to be Hans Christian Andersen to spin a good yarn, especially about something you know inside out: your company. If you run a blog and social media for your business, you’ll have a lot of company profiles that you can use to show off how great your service is. What do they […]

Are You Getting the Data You Need to Write Amazing Content?

You can’t write a thesis without some solid evidence to make sure you don’t get ousted as a charlatan. That’s true of creating web content too, you know. You may be crafting delicious stories that make your company sound just beautiful – but what’s driving it? Sure, it’s a creative process. But every industry has […]

The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

It’s great you’re blogging, but how about getting it read? Wouldn’t that be nice? The key to making content readable (apart from ditching words like ‘solution’) is a good structure. A recognisable hierarchy helps readers sort out what’s important, what they want to read and how this blog is going to work out for them […]

Two Testing Tools That Will Help You Write Good Blog Content

What makes content good? These things: Tone and style: does it make the reader feel the way you need them to feel and is it pleasant to read? Is it appropriate and does it sound like you? Readability: Can your target audience read and understand it? Usefulness: Is it relevant? Will people benefit from reading […]

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