James Michell

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part Three

Data collection and analytics are hugely important for measuring how well your social media initiatives are performing, and should always play a part in decision making when it comes to new strategies. However, it is also important to find a balance between looking at the numbers and acting according to them, while still allowing creativity […]

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part Two

Part One discussed how to try and avoid entering into social media activity without a clear strategy, and ownership of social media within a business. There are other important areas which also need to be looked to prevent any chance of social media issues within your business. Companies need to be consistent and regular as […]

Be Social: How to Prevent Social Media Issues Arising – Part One

As much as social media can be a great tool for communicating and engaging with your audience, as well as an invaluable resource of information, there is also the potential for it to bring problems as well if it is not utilised correctly. I mentioned in my first post that businesses often decide they need […]

Be Social: Social Media and B2B

Social media has been openly and successfully utilised by lots of consumer brands to promote their products to their target audience. What better way to reach out to the consumer than making a top brand readily available to communicate with their community and build goodwill towards their brand and product? When it comes to marketing […]

Be Social: Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

If I had £1 for every time I’d heard someone within a business say “we need social media” without really knowing why or how they were going to use it, I’d certainly be able to buy a moderately priced meal for two at a high street restaurant (with a two for one voucher). Seriously though, […]

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