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Joanne Jeffs

Fall in Love With PPC This Valentine’s

In a previous post I explained how perfect PPC is for targeting searchers during seasonal peaks of traffic. Valentine’s will provide an influx of searches and they may be relevant to your business. As you would expect there are significant peaks in search volumes  for the usual traditional Valentine’s related items that people search for […]

Introduction to Quality Score

You may have noticed the unavoidable reoccurring theme of relevance throughout my posts. There is very good reason for this; Google thinks relevance is extremely important, so much so they measure it. And if they think it’s important as PPC advertisers so should we! Google measure the relevance of both your keywords and ad copy […]

What Makes a Good PPC Landing Page?

As discussed in previous posts I have mentioned how landing pages should be as relevant as possible to the user’s search query and the advert copy. This is to make sure that the user journey is as optimal as possible and increase the chance of conversion. A landing page (you select this by entering your […]

PPC New Year’s Resolutions

You have probably already made your usual New Year’s resolutions such as the mundane getting fit, losing weight etc. For 2012 why not try something new and focus on getting the best out of your PPC campaigns? Here are some of my ideas for some PPC related resolutions that should kick some life into your […]

Should You Use Ad Scheduling?

A lot of smaller companies use the AdWords ad scheduling functionality to set their campaigns to display at certain days of the week and times of the day. In this post I will share how to implement ad scheduling and also offer my opinion as to when it should be used as I do not […]

How Does the AdWords Auction Work?

Yesterday WordStream released another of their really useful infographics, this time explaining How the AdWords Auction Works. It can be tricky explain exactly what Google AdWords is, let alone trying to explain the technicalities of how it works. You can explain that AdWords is an auction, but it is not as simple as the highest […]

Google AdWords Match Types

One of the biggest mistakes made when setting up campaigns or adding new keywords to PPC accounts is to add them without selecting Match Types so they default to Broad Match. In order to optimise your campaigns, Google provides a variety of different Match Types to apply to the keywords you are bidding on. This […]

Improve Your PPC Campaigns With Relevance

Throughout my blog posts I am going to be constantly mentioning the word relevance. It is a factor that can make or break the performance of your PPC campaigns and therefore I am extremely passionate about it, as anyone who has ever worked with me or I have run PPC campaign for will know! Therefore […]

Google Local Search Results Pages Explained

When your search query returns a search engine results page (SERP) that consists of a mixture of different listing types this is known as ‘Universal Search’.  In a previous post we illustrated where PPC ads and organic listings are displayed; in this post we will show how the results returned can differ for local searches. […]

Pay Per Click Text Advert Structure

There are lots of different types of advert formats you can use to advertise through the Google AdWords platform including text, banners, animated banner, mobile, gadgets and videos. The adverts type you chose should depend on the type of campaign you are running and the objectives you are aiming to achieve. In this post I […]

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