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Michaela has more than five years' experience working in the digital marketing industry, writing articles on a diverse range of subjects, including ecommerce, travel and technology. In her spare time, Michaela works as a theatre critic, reviewing the best and worst of London's West End and occasionally treading the boards herself.

Business Blogging: What on Earth Should I Blog About?

Your blog’s all set up, so no doubt you’re keen to get blogging. But how do you decide what to write about? If you’re sat at your computer staring at a blank screen, don’t worry – help is at hand. I’ll be honest, if you pick the wrong topic to blog about your blog could […]

Business Blogging: Why You Need a Company Blog

Business blogging should never be confused with regular everyday blogging. It is not a place for you to rant about your competitors or tell amusing stories about your customers, but a platform for you to gain new business. You might have heard the phrase “content is king” and it still reigns true – the more […]

10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Website

So you’ve just got your head around what SEO actually is and you’re starting to put it into practice. Yet for some reason you’re still not seeing the benefits. It can take a while to see any improvement in your site’s rankings, but it’s also worth checking that you haven’t made some mistakes which could be detrimental. […]

Making the Most of Social Media as a Direct Communications Channel

We’re all used to Google rolling out endless updates (usually named after some type of creature, e.g. Hummingbird, Panda and next up (possibly) Mockingjay), but what about social media? As I’ve mentioned before, social media never sleeps and it’s constantly evolving – in fact there are multiple tools and features that you may actually not […]

Why Should My Business Care About Social Media?

Although you might think that social media is just a way for people to show off and moan about their lives, for businesses it can actually be an extremely lucrative online channel. Traditionally for small companies, it’s often word of mouth that brings in new business, as happy customers recommend you to their friend and […]

SEO What? Why It’s Important to Optimise Your Website

If you’re scratching your head and asking yourself “What on earth is SEO?” then don’t worry – it will all become clear. What I will say before I explain everything, is that if you want to grow your customer base, then you really do need SEO. So what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. […]

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