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Paul Stamp

Facebook Insights for Domains Explained

We all know that you can get hold of lots of free data when you are the administrator of a Facebook business page. Facebook’s page Insights section gives a top-level view of how your page is doing, and it’s also possible to drill down deeper with the Excel files that can be downloaded via the […]

Twitter vs Facebook for Small Businesses

One question often posed by small business owners is ‘should I be on Twitter or Facebook?’. These are busy people who want to know where they should focus their efforts for the greatest reward – they might think they can squeeze in managing one social media account, but probably not two. But even with a […]

Ways to Measure Your Social Media Return on Investment

One of the big question marks hanging over social media for many small businesses concerns ROI, or return on investment. Why take the time to set up a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook page if you have no idea about whether it is going to have an impact the bottom line or not? […]

Keep Track of Your Social Media Statistics With This Free Template

It’s important to keep track of the numbers in all areas of business. This also applies of course to your social media activity. To get you started, we’ve created a social media statistics Excel file template. This covers off the basics when it comes to monitoring Facebook, Twitter and YouTube business accounts over time. The […]

Get More Blog Post Views With This Tried-and-Tested Tactic

It can feel like hard work getting a blog for your business off the ground. You publish posts, and because you don’t have a following from the get-go the number of views is not likely to be high. You need to have a good store of articles within your blog, each one hopefully getting noticed […]

How to Work Out Which Facebook Page Updates Your Fans DISLIKE

Working out the type of updates your Facebook page fans like is pretty straightforward. You look at how many clicks your updates are getting, how many people hit like or share, or maybe the number of people who are seeing what you’ve written and decide to leave a comment. With that, you can work out […]

Another Four Great Examples of Facebook Pages Run by Small Businesses

If you’ve every asked anyone about Facebook pages you can check out and learn from, chances are they came back with names of big businesses like Coca-Cola, Red Bull or McDonalds. But what about pages that have been created by small businesses? Following on from an earlier article which highlighted four great examples of Facebook […]

Checklist: Creating a Blog Post for the First Time

If you’ve decided to write a blog for your business, here’s a handy editor’s checklist to ensure everything is good to go. If you’ve already written one or two, the beauty of online publishing means you can revisit these and make some changes, should you wish to, and then bear these points in mind for […]

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title

Once a column writer, on a newspaper or maybe a magazine, has crafted their weekly masterpiece, their attention then turns to a suitable headline to ‘sell’ what they have created. Is there a play on words or pun that could work well to grab a reader’s attention? Is there maybe a buzzword or topical reference […]

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