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In his role as an independent business consultant, Paul works closely with his clients to enable them to focus on their business with clarity thus helping them not only to achieve their professional goals but also realise their full potential on a more personal level too. Sixteen years in the business banking sector has provided a solid foundation upon which to draw.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

One of the greatest challenges facing marketers today is effective email marketing. The availability of good email software packages means that it’s now possible to send one email to thousands of people simultaneously. Whilst technology has made the process of email marketing easier, an even greater challenge faces the sender…getting the recipient to open the […]

Which of These Simple Mistakes Are You Making With Your Marketing?

With ever-increasing competition, winning a customer is harder than it’s ever been. This is not helped by the fact that many business owners simply have the wrong attitude to marketing and are making mistakes that are costing the business a fortune. In this article let’s investigate three common beliefs about marketing your business, that could […]

What Is Your Competitive Advantage in Business?

Whenever I consult with a client or present my marketing master classes, I ask the questions: How are you competing in your current market? What is your competitive advantage? I’m met with a variety of responses which can range from “I’ve no idea” to “I am the cheapest.” A very popular response is “my business […]

Why Testimonials Should Be Included on Your Website

Web surfers today are faced with an incredible choice of product or service provider in addition to the increasing number of products for sale both nationally and internationally. Let’s look back in time for a moment, before the internet became popular. Products and services were either purchased locally or they simply weren’t available – unless […]

The Importance of Testing Key Elements of Your Website

You’ve had your new website built and it’s now live. Is that it? What’s next? Most business owners make two critical mistakes when agreeing to engage a web developer: They believe it’s possible to build the perfect website on the first attempt. When their website is finished and launched, they believe the project is complete […]

Writing Copy for Websites That Engage the Reader and Sells

Your website is your shop window to the world irrespective of the strategic reason for its existence. After all, your website is promoting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be seen by anybody, worldwide. The sales messages within your website play a critical role and act as your salesperson […]

How to Write a Good Testimonial for Business

Testimonials play an important role in convincing visitors to your website that your products or services are of good value and that your business delivers what it promises. Visitors to your website look for testimonials to confirm that somebody like them has purchased from you previously and is happy to recommend you. They act social […]

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