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Marketing Advice from Yell

How An Online Store Benefits Your Business

An online store has several benefits, whether you use it to sell products alongside your conventional business or as a standalone e-commerce venture. Read our list of reasons why an online shop could be great for your business. 10 benefits of an online store for your business Reduced overheads – in general, an online store costs […]

Affordable E-Commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

If you’re getting into e-commerce for the first time, you probably have a fairly limited budget. Fortunately there is a fairly wide range of free or low-cost e-commerce solutions available, including website templates, tools and software, which will enable you to set up an online store fairly easily. It is, however, important to look carefully […]

E-Commerce – Is It Safer

If you have, or are planning, an e-commerce store, it is vital to make sure that customer data is secure and that you have systems in place to prevent fraud and scams. The ‘padlock’ symbol emphasizes that sensitive information is protected, and it’s a good idea to have third-party certification of your e-commerce security. Essential […]

What Is E-Commerce?

Put simply, e-commerce is a way of doing business over the internet. It can be used to sell products – both physical and digital – and some services, and it can be used by every size of organisation from a sole trader to a multi-national corporation. It is, however, important to remember that e-commerce is […]

Five Ways to Make Your Online Store Grow

There are several ways to increase your online sales. Here are some of the most effective. Make your customers feel special The best way to improve customer retention is to make sure that people who visit your site feel special. Get visitors to sign-up for an email newsletter, and make sure you send out regular […]

FAQs About E-Commerce

What are the benefits of having an e-commerce store? For you, e-commerce can reduce overhead costs, increase your customer base and broaden your product offering. For customers, it makes product selection and ordering easier and more convenient, and they can access a wider choice of products. How do I get started? You’ll need a web […]

How Much Maintenance Do E-Commerce Stores Require?

Building and launching your e-commerce website should be seen as part of a continuing process. You’ll need to set aside time – or perhaps appoint someone – to handle the different kinds of maintenance required. Updating and refreshing The products on offer in your online shop will no doubt change, as will the prices, and […]

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