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Marketing Advice from Yell

Five Quick SEO Wins

If you haven’t previously used SEO, or if your website isn’t achieving good search engine rankings, these five fairly simple tips may help you get better results. 1) Think like a user You need potential customers to find your site more quickly by appearing higher in search rankings than your competition. Try entering a range […]

The Importance of Inbound Links

Inbound links – also known as backlinks or inward links – are links to your website from a different website. They can have an important impact on search engine optimisation (SEO). As a general rule, the more good-quality inbound links to a website, the more popular it looks, and therefore the higher it’s likely to […]

Top SEO Metrics for Small Businesses

‘SEO metrics’ are measurements which show you how well your search engine optimisation efforts are performing. These measurements are usually taken at regular intervals (daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the metric), to track changes in performance over a period of time. Metrics are provided and charted using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. […]

Tips on Mobile SEO Best Practice

Use of the mobile web – accessing the internet using tablets and smartphones – has increased exponentially in the past few years, and this accelerated usage is likely to continue. As a result, although mobile search engine optimisation (SEO) is still a relatively new concept, it’s increasingly important for businesses to master it. Differences between […]

How Does SEO Work for Your Business?

When someone makes a query on a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search, the search engine looks for web pages which most closely match the search term (or terms), using what are known as ‘search algorithms’. These are the complex formulae used to calculate which pages are the most relevant and in […]

Tips on Creating a Search Engine-Friendly Website

Search engine optimisation – SEO – is the process of improving the way in which a website is ranked in relevant search engine results. It involves setting up the website so that it is easy to ‘read’ for search engine spiders. SEO is a continuing process, but it’s most effective when the site is optimised […]

Teach Yourself the Basics of SEO

It’s been shown that people rarely look beyond the first couple of pages of search engine results to find what they’re looking for. SEO could be a worthwhile investment to boost where your site appears in these pages, and help customers find you. How do search engines rank my website? Search engines use programs called […]

How Important Is the Google Freshness Factor for Businesses?

In November 2011, Google announced that it was changing the way it ranks its search engine results to include a ‘freshness factor’. This means that when Google lists search results for particular topics, it prioritises newer content – so that the person searching sees the most up-to-date and relevant results. This could include: fast-moving topics, […]

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