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Marketing Advice from Yell

Usability for Beginners – a Quick Introduction

Usability describes how easy it is for an untrained person to understand and use what’s called a ‘human-computer interface’ – such as a piece of software or a website. What is web usability? When we talk about the usability of a website, what we usually mean is: how intuitive the site is to use how […]

What Needs to Be Considered to Get User Experience Right?

User experience (UX) is a key part of your customer service offering. If your website offers poor user experience, for instance with confusing navigation, an unattractive layout or a lengthy and unintuitive process for completing a task, visitors will be frustrated. The most likely result, of course, is that they’ll leave your site – and […]

How Can User Experience Be Measured?

As the old adage goes, ‘what you don’t measure, you can’t manage’. Your website’s usability, just like all of your marketing ventures, needs to be tracked in concrete and meaningful terms. Once you have this data, you can assess it to see how well your site’s performing, and how you can improve user experience over […]

How Can Good Usability of a Business Website Be Ensured?

Usability describes how easy it is for a visitor to interact with a website. It covers how well the content is presented, how intuitive the functionality is, and how efficiently users can find their way around and complete tasks. To make sure your business website has good usability, you need to: involve users from the […]

The Importance of a User-Friendly Site Interface

As all good businesses know, the most important thing you can do for business success is to understand what your customers want and need, and provide it for them. A key element of this is to make sure your business website is easy to understand and interact with. A confusing site interface, with poorly-labelled navigation […]

Ten Tips for Great Usability on a Business Website

Here are our top ten tips for making your business website more intuitive to use: Usability is all about your customers – and making things easy for them. Keep them at the forefront of your mind from the start of the design process – creating ‘personas’ (fictional characters representing a particular market segment) can help […]

How Much Is User Experience Linked to Website Design?

User experience (UX) describes the overall impression that a user gets when they interact with a website. It covers things like how easy it is to find information, how well the content satisfies the user’s needs and how intuitive the interface is. Good website design is absolutely vital in creating a good user experience. By […]

10 Myths About User Experience and Web Design

1) Improving my site’s usability will increase design costs It’s a good idea to allocate 10 per cent of your web design budget to usability testing. It’s much better to have a simple, user-friendly site than a more sophisticated one that nobody can use. 2) I don’t need to simplify – it’s obvious how to […]

What Is User Experience?

User experience is a broad term that describes the overall experience when a customer interacts with a website. Elements of user experience To ensure a good user experience, you need to think about: how easy the site’s functionality is to understand – is it immediately clear what the user is looking at and what they […]

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