5 Awesome Digital Marketing Podcasts

5 Awesome Digital Marketing PodcastsPersonally, I think podcasts are pretty awesome. You can have all the advice and value of a blog post, but you can listen to it whilst you are doing other things – in the gym, whilst driving, doing housework, the list goes on.

Digital marketing can be a complex and ever-evolving topic, so it pays to stay up to date. Why not combine the convenience of podcasts with the constantly updating world of digital marketing?

Here are 5 awesome digital marketing podcasts for your listening delectation…

1. Hit Publish

Host: Amy Harrison

Main Topics: Content Marketing, Copy and Blog Writing

I’m leading with this excellent podcast because it’s my personal favourite on this list. We in the UK are presented with a veritable sea of US and Canadian content, so it’s refreshing to hear Amy’s dulcet Yorkshire tones, telling it like it is. This podcast is very informative, and Amy uses humorous skits and lighthearted delivery to get her points across, and is very digestible at an average of 20 minutes per episode. Until recently, this podcast has been under the Rainmaker.FM umbrella (pun most definitely intended), but is currently on hiatus – you can sign up for updates on Amy’s site if you want to know when it sparks back into life. Regardless, I highly recommend this podcast, and if you only check out one programme on this list, make it this one.

2. Duct Tape Marketing

Host: John Jantsch

Main Topics: General All-Round Marketing

Marketing Expert and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System, John Jantsch hosts this excellent podcast that covers a wide range of online and offline marketing tactics. Based around an interview format, John chats with a number of big names in marketing and business. The average duration of each episode is a well-rounded 30 minutes – ideal for listening to on your commute. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast also covers topics relating to entrepreneurship and networking, making it a good all-rounder for those in charge of smaller businesses where you and your team need to be a jack of all trades.

3. Confessions of a Pink Haired Marketer

Host: Sonia Simone

Main Topics: Marketing, Content, Productivity

This is another podcast in the Rainmaker.FM family. The first thing you notice when you tune in is Sonia’s incredibly soothing voice and calm delivery, but don’t fall asleep! She is the co-founder and chief content officer for the Rainmaker Digital marketing empire, and her years of experience certainly shine forth in this podcast. She takes a holistic approach to her craft, with a joined up take on business and marketing which is based on openness, honesty and kindness; and her advice is usually immediately actionable. Episodes run at around 30 minutes each, so again they’re ideal for listening to when you’re out on your travels.

4. Social Media Examiner Show

Host: Mima

Main Topics: Social Media & Outreach Marketing

I like this podcast because it deals with a specific feature of a given social media platform each episode, and the episodes tend to run quite short at around 12 minutes max. The format here is much like a blog post, but in audio form, and often come with extensive show notes for you to learn more. Occasionally, Mima will discuss general outreach marketing such as propagating email lists, dealing with influencers and content marketing. Each episode is succinct, specific and actionable.

5. Online Marketing Made Easy

Host: Amy Porterfield

Main Topics: Social Media, Digital Marketing & General Entrepreneurship

This podcast is written and presented by well-known marketing expert, Amy Porterfield, and is a great resource for all things digital marketing. Amy’s episodes are usually just herself discussing topics from her own expertise, but she does also offer the occasional interview from well known entrepreneurs. She includes personal and candid anecdotes which make the whole show very valuable and genuine. Little bit of advice – if you see an episode of Amy’s about something you are particularly new to but are struggling to understand, absolutely check it out – her style is kind and reassuring; particularly great for those who are embarking on a new project that’s totally alien to them.

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What digital marketing podcasts do you like? Are you a fan of a podcast that I haven’t covered here? Please share your favourites down into the comments!

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