Action List for Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Developing a social network can be invaluable for a business

Here is a quick ‘To Do’ list for social media marketing to get you started.

  1. Establish a starting point
  2. Define a strategy
  3. Match the medium with the message
  4. Avoid the common mistakes small business owners make when embarking into social media for the first time
  5. Know the relevance of blogging
  6. Which social media sites and tools are right for my business?
  7. Measure the effectiveness of your social media
  8. Know the golden rules for businesses using social media.
  9. Think about how you’re going to use social media:
    • Promoting specific offers.
    • Inviting feedback and carrying out market research.
    • A route for customers to access your PR.
    • Establishing a reputation as a customer-focused business, committed to service and communication with customers.
    • Showing yourself as an active participant in your sector, willing to get involved in industry-wide debates and initiatives.
    • Cementing relationships with existing suppliers, recommending good ones and finding new ones.