Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part One)

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a blog for your company. Great first step. The first question I have for you through, is whether anybody is reading it? Here are some essential suggestions to organically make your blog as visible to the audience you are trying to attract.

Link from your website to your blog: This is an absolute essential for me. I am all too aware of the politics that can go into organising linking an official company website to a more informal blog, especially in larger companies, but it really is crucial as the blog is a voice representing the company you are blogging for. In an ideal world, you will also be able to set up the URL structure in an easy to remember format i.e. blog.companywebsite.com or companywebsite.com/blog.

If you can link to your blog from your company homepage that is great – but if you can also link to it from your main website navigation that is all the better as it will allow search engines to view and index your content. Also, in the same vein, always make sure there is a link back to your company website from yourTawk blog.

Keywords: Yes, researching keywords is not the most rewarding of tasks (trust me, I know) but the results you can garner from ensuring that matching your blog posts to keywords that can potentially drive traffic to you is absolutely worth the man hours you put in. Google Adwords is a free tool that can aid you with the process of integrating keywords into your posts.

Once you have become comfortable with tools such as this, and if you are feeling super productive, there is nothing to stop you going back through old posts and generating an inserting keywords into old existing blogs. This will obviously increase their SEO value as well.

Keywords must also be inserted into your blog titles. Post titles are arguably the most important factor when it comes to your blog. Keep them informative, succinct and appealing to the reader – but also insert keywords from your research to improve their search engine effectiveness.

In my next post I will expand onto other areas which can also give you far increased blog visibility, however it is of vital importance you get the essentials above locked and loaded before moving onto other areas.