Check Out Google Trends

Brilliant tool for PPC and keyword insight – the revamped Google insights. Now, as with any Google tool, take traffic volumes with a pinch of salt but it’s great for identifying movement in the search market. The home page looks like Google search, but it’s just for us PPC geeks.

This tool allows you to see search data trends within any given country over specific time frames – even down to the hour. It shows you the peaks in traffic and rising search trends. You can focus on one key term or compare the keywords against others.

For example, iPhone 5 – would expect peaks in traffic pre launch with a steady decline. Oh, look what we have here….

It also lets you plot this against other keywords, such as iPhone 4s. A prediction here would be that this traffic would start to decline on launch of the newer model. Insight here would be to ensure your iPhone 4s campaigns are live and have enough budget.

This is a great tool for identifying trends and for future reference. Also for ‘next steps’ and to show clients you are keeping up with the industry.

For example, Christmas, as we all know is coming up. Using this tool you can analyse the exact peaks in certain keywords, say ‘party dresses’ and you can ensure you have visibility post peak. This will allow you to gain history on these keywords before your competitors start going mental on them which should allow for a stronger ROI.

You can also break this up into keyword volume for the last 90 days, last month or even since 2004.

You can also break it into categories or location. Location is really handy for trends, especially if you are supporting a device which has initially launched in another country or doing keyword research for a campaign you wish to translate. What keywords had high volume in Spain or Mexico? – Assuming you are translating into Spanish!

Furthrermore, you can drill down to time ranges, allowing clever ad scheduling within your accounts – I would though, compare this to your real data for traffic and conversions.

You can also identify rising keywords. Again, brilliant insight for your campaigns.  Back to dresses, currently uplifts are seen for ‘dresses for party’ amd ‘party dress’ , Christmas is nearly upon us!

So, as Christmas is coming get ready for the PPC Santa!