Clear Out Your Twitter Profile With Twit Cleaner

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The number of accounts you follow on Twitter can soon become overwhelming

Following lots of people on Twitter can often result in information overload.

You start off slowly, but then follow more and more accounts for one reason or another.

Before you know it, you’re tracking the tweets of hundreds of people. And remember, once you follow an account, you’re following it for good. The topic of conversation, focus of the account or even the name itself may change, without you really realising.

As a business, you might begin to follow someone because they mentioned your Twitter name, or use words you are tracking, such as a town name or service you provide. But if that was just a one-off, or they’ve suddenly abandoned their account, there isn’t really that much point in following anymore.

So that’s where a handy free tool by the name of Twit Cleaner comes in. This program analyses your Twitter profile and reports back on who your followers are, what they have been up to and whether you should consider saying goodbye.

The report uncovers accounts that:

  • Post nothing but links, repeat the same URLs or send identical tweets
  • Haven’t tweeted in over one month
  • Have tweeted fewer than ten times
  • Never interact with other users
  • Tweet directly from an RSS feed over 90% of the time
  • Talk about themselves a lot
  • Average more than 24 tweets per day

Using this information, you can judge the real value of accounts you follow. You can run the report as often as you like, and Twit Cleaner makes it really easy to unfollow Twitter accounts – you can do this through the report with one click.

Twit Cleaner won’t unfollow them all at once, as this may appear suspicious to Twitter, but it does the deed slowly, over a period of time.

In addition, Twit Cleaner can look at your own account and reveal if you would potentially appear on reports.

One thought on “<span>Clear Out Your Twitter Profile With Twit Cleaner</span>”

  1. Thanks so much for writing about Twit Cleaner.

    The report also finds the hard core spammers (& there are a few about) that might have snuck in, those that don’t really follow back and those that are boring.

    One small clarification – finding accounts that average > 24 tweets a day, it’s only public tweets – ie, those that go to all your followers. The intent is to identify those that blast out into Twitter, without engaging, connecting, actually talking TO their followers.

    Thanks again

    Si Dawson
    [Twit Cleaner Creator]

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