Come Out Fighting; Give Your Domain Name a Competitive Edge

Domain name competition
Give your domain name a competitive edge

Every business owner who wants to be seen has a website out there, and every business user now has hundreds if not thousands of businesses to choose from in their area. Most will search for your services through the internet search engines, meaning that in every search, your business’s website will be pitted against hundreds of other websites offering similar services and/or products.

With all businesses pooled together then ranked by Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines, competition is stiff, but there are ways for you to stave off the competition.

The content of your website and the quality of the design are very important to ensuring a high ranking on Google compared to your competitors, but the web address or domain name of your website can also be highly effective in ensuring your website ranks highly.

Domain names are one of the first places where the search engine crawlers start to filter content, so having keywords here is vital. The best way to beat the other businesses’ web addresses in your field is to ensure that your web address is as relevant and as SEO’d as possible.

This means ensuring that your domain name contains a service or product you sell, your company name and/or a service area. Many businesses out there will fall into the trap of purchasing a short domain name which, while easy for users to remember, won’t contain any keyword phrases! If you can incorporate a service/product and your company name into your domain name, straight away you will be able to compete with other businesses’ websites and fight your way to user visibility via the search engine rankings.