How To Create Your Free Business Listing & Profile Pages on Yell.com

Register and Claim Your Free Business Listing and Profile Pages Today

Image of Yell.com business listingYour free business listing on Yell.com includes a set of Profile Pages, giving you the ability to display detailed information about your business that potential customers will find useful, and making it easier for customers to find the services you provide via Yell.com and search engines like Google.

This means that, with the right content, your Yell.com business listing and Profile Pages can help you reach more potential customers than ever before.

Your Profile Pages can contain:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Opening times
  • Your current offers
  • Details of any professional body you’re a member of
  • A map of how to find you, and an email response page

In fact you can include any extra information that will help your business be found, stand out from your competition, and encourage customers to get in touch.

It’s really important to keep this information up to date, so we have created a simple way to claim and edit your business Profile Pages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Step 1 – Find your business

Firstly, find your listing on Yell.com. Visit https://www.yell.com and search for your business, and click on your company name to open your Profile Pages.

Step 2 – Manage your page

Click on ‘Is this your business?’ in the left hand side to log in or register an account.

Image of business listing on Yell.com

Step 3 – Register / Log in

If you’ve not registered before, click on the ‘Register’ button, otherwise log in with your email address and password.

Log in screen

Image of Yell.com login screen

Registration screen

Image of 'Register for an account' screen on Yell.com

After registration you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re the business owner. Please read the terms and then click ‘Claim this advert’.

Image of 'Claim this advert' page on Yell.com

Step 4 – Edit & Update Your Profile Pages

Now you have registered and claimed your Profile Pages, you’ll need to keep them up to date. To do this, go to your Profile Page and click on ‘Manage this page’ in the bottom right-hand corner to log in. Once you’ve logged in, this takes you to ‘Your Business Listing’ page, which is the home page of your Profile Pages. It displays the information already held about your business and also prompts you to add further information to help customers find you. Use the navigation on the left or the preview to add/edit your business Profile Pages information.

Image of 'Your Business Listing' page on Yell.com

Step 5 – Describe your business

It’s very important that customers can easily establish who you are and what you do. Your Description will help you be found so remember to use words and phrases that potential customers will use when searching for a company like yours. All information in your Profile Pages will be used to match what you do with what customers are looking for on Yell.com and search engines.

Image of 'Description' page on Yell.com

Step 6 – Add a Headline

Many businesses use this section to highlight a special offer or promotion. You could use it to draw attention to a unique feature or something your business can be proud of like an award or accreditation. This is a key part of your Profile Pages that helps customers choose to contact you over your competitors.

Maximum length: 180 characters. Once complete, click ‘Save’.

Image of 'Business Headline' screen on Yell.com

Step 7 – List your Services & Products

This area allows you to list all the products and services you offer. We have tried to help by listing the terms used most often by customers when searching for your kind of business. So, if you offer any of those product or services listed then make sure you select them to give you the best chance of being found. It’s possible you will offer things that aren’t on this list – if so, add these too to indicate a product or service that is more niche. Adding this depth of rich information about your business in your Profile Pages will help Yell and search engines match your business offering with exactly what customers are looking for.

You can edit, re-order or delete the bullet points, just roll your mouse over them and click on the pencil/edit button or double-click on the text.

Maximum number of Products & Services displayed is 40
Maximum character length each is 50

Once complete, click ‘Save’.

Image of 'Business Services & Products' screen on Yell.com

Step 8 – Specify Opening Hours

Customers find opening hours particularly useful, so make sure you include yours on your listing. Once complete, click ‘Save’.

Image of 'Opening Hours' screen on Yell.com

Step 9 – Detail Payment Methods

It is very helpful for prospective customers if you show them what payment methods are accepted by your business.

Image of 'Payment Methods' screen on Yell.com

Step 10 – Add Photos

Images are another key component of your Yell.com Profile Pages. You can use photos to show examples of your product range, completed jobs, or your business premises. The photo gallery is a great way to showcase your business in a visual way, helping customers to decide to get in touch. You can also upload your company logo and select this to brand your business listing. Many businesses choose imagery from their website to deliver a consistent experience for customers clicking from their Yell.com listing to their company website.

Maximum number of images 20. Once complete, click ‘Save’.

Image of 'Photos' screen on Yell.com

Step 11 – Deals

You may also want to promote a special deal or offer that you are running. To do this, you can keep this area updated using our simple form, which allows you to specify everything you need to make your deal as compelling to your customers as possible.

Image of 'Deals' screen on Yell.com

Step 12 – Contact Details and Links

Your contacts details, link to your website, and links to your Facebook & Twitter pages and more can also be easily added and updated as required.

Image of 'Contact Details' screen on Yell.com

Image of 'Website and Links' screen on Yell.com

By following all the above steps, you will have created your Yell Profile Pages. The information you have provided will appear on your Yell Listing within seconds. It will help you be found on Yell.com, and your Profile Pages will also be listed on all major search engines.

Hints & Tips

  • Regularly update your Yell Profile Pages information
  • If you have more than one branch of your business, create separate Profile Pages for each location/business type
  • Use words and phrases that you know customers will use to search for your kind of business
  • Ask satisfied customers to review your business on Yell.com
  • Add a video about your business if you have one
  • Include a link to your business website
  • Include an email address to make it easy for customers to contact you out of normal trading hours

Register with Yell.com now and get your free business listing.