Google Plus Ad Extensions

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to stand out and improve their return on investment, with UK digital ad spend up 12.6% the internet is a major platform for lead generation and brand building.

In today’s digital world it’s almost impossible to avoid incorporating Google Adwords within your marketing strategy.  More importantly managing a planned and effective Adwords campaign has become critical.  Compared to traditional marketing avenues such as newspaper and radio advertising, Google allows for high levels of control over your audience.

So it’s welcome news that Google now enables advertisers to add their Google Plus business profile to their adverts in the form of an extension.

What is an extension?

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Extensions for Google Adwords

An extension allows you to display key information upfront on the sponsored advert seen by users.  In the past this has been limited to address and sitelinks but this is all changing as there is a growing list of ways in which we interact with a business.

The most recent extension allows you to add a Google Plus link to your advert allowing users to +1 and head straight over to your profile page.  From previous posts you will note that this is now increasingly being seen as your new hub on the internet by Google.

These extensions are created at campaign level which allows you to tailor the preferred interaction required.

Here are some further interactions available to be applied to you Adwords account ;

  • Locations
  • Call Extensions
  • Product Extensions
  • Seller Ratings

With the ubiquity of smartphones and the popularity of tablets, here are some of my predictions for future extensions :

  • Download Apps onto your phone
  • Play games direct from the extension
  • Display Images of products/gallery when hovering over

I’m sure the guys in Google are busy working out new ways to make us click on the adverts so watch this space.