How Do You Start Building Your Banner Advertising Campaign?

Setting up a banner advertising campaign can be costly and time consuming, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, but it’s definitely something worth investing both time and money into – In June 2011 95.3% of fixed line internet users were exposed to online display advertising (comScore, September 2011) and that’s something you should be a part of.

Building your banners

Once you’ve set your advertising plan and you’ve got a quality website you need to create a campaign.  One very important thing you need to think about is your actual banners.  Who is going to design and build your banner?  I would always recommend that a professional builds the banners for you and that your banners accurately reflect the audience you are targeting and are specific to your advertising goal.

Landing pages

Next you need to think about what happens when someone clicks on your banner, don’t just use your homepage think about your landing page carefully.  If your banner talks about a special offer then your landing page should talk about the offer too, if your banner talks about a certain product then your landing page should be about that same product.

Good luck!

So, from previous posts, you know who and where you’re targeting, you know what sites you want to appear on, you’ve got your banners built, you’ve got a good website to link through to and a relevant landing page, you know when you want to advertise and you understand the different pricing models available to you.  Now that you’ve got the basic building blocks of banner advertising, you’re good to go!