How Short Can You Go?

Whilst not counting for much in terms of SEO, having a short domain name has a few key benefits for website owners. Firstly, it’s easy to type in. Secondly, it’s easy to remember. Thirdly, it is rare to have a short domain name as most short domain names are already taken. So how short is it still possible to go, given the clamouring for shorter domains?

It appears that 4 letter domains are the shortest we can go nowadays, as apparently all the 2-3 letter domain names were long ago snapped up. This is quite astonishing when you consider the wealth of website endings out there (.org, .biz etc).

Dyyo.com specialises in helping internet users find short, 4 letter domain names, by creating random combinations of letters. The drawback to this is that the vast majority of the remaining domains (around 30,000 according to the website) tend to be unpronounceable and wholly consisting of consonants, for example: www.rgfx.com. This will prove to be of little use to business owners as the domain name will reflect neither the service/product they provide, nor their company name.

We recommend that businesses focus less on the length of their domain name and more on the content; it is so much more important to have an SEO optimised domain name than a 4 letter one with no meaning.