How to Create Absorbing Online Copy – Part 2

More handy techniques to combat people’s tendency to scan through websites rather than reading it word for word…

Keep it chatty – unless you’re dealing with an extremely formal subject or business. Try reading your copy out loud – does it sound like something you’d say in an everyday conversation?

Most important information first. Make sure people don’t have to scroll down to find the essential information on a page. Sometimes they won’t bother.

Hyperlinks within the text. Because these usually display in a different colour, it’s a good way to draw people’s attention to important topics and keywords.

Only one idea in each paragraph. The break between paragraphs gives readers a chance to fully absorb each idea before moving on to the next one.

Active, not passive. Using the active voice, rather than the passive, makes the copy more lively and keeps the reader involved.

Be specific. Don’t use vague adjectives like “fantastic” or “new” – really think about the unique selling points of your product, and how it will benefit the user.

Think about the first and last words of each sentence. These are the words people are most likely to remember, so make them count.

And remember… Edit, edit, edit. Once you’ve finished your copy, go back through it and cut out any unnecessary words or sentences.