Location location… How a Business Location in Your Domain Name Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

As touched upon in a previous post, having a location in your domain can make a significant difference in terms of attracting traffic to your website. Here is some further detail about how it works.

Service areas

Internet users don’t want to waste their time by clicking through to websites for businesses that cannot provide a service or product in their area. If they have to drive any distance to pick an item up, or pay extra for you to come out, they won’t want to know. Therefore it is estimated that at least 25% of customers searching for a product or service online will tend to type in not only a keyword relating to the service/product but also a location.

How can you cater for these internet users?

Capitalise on this segment of internet traffic; mention your business location and/or service areas throughout the content of the website, and also in the domain name of the site, for example www.paintersanddecorators-exeter.com. It is thought that keywords within domain names carry extra weight with the search engines, so it follows that a location in the domain name will follow the same logic and give you a better chance appearing higher up the ranking system and consequently guiding the internet users who search using locations along with keywords towards your website rather than your competitors.