Networking Online to Boost Your Website’s SEO

A good sign that your site is relevant to people is if it receives a lot of visitors. While optimising your site for search engines helps it to rank highly and drive traffic to it, this also works the other way; if you get plenty of visitors to your site, the search engines will notice the site’s popularity and this will boost the site’s place in the search rankings.

Besides the search engines, what other ways are there for your site to be found? Popular methods of advertising websites include Facebook business pages, Google Places listings, Twitter posts, directory sites such as Yell.com, link sharing with friends’ sites, and naming your site in blog and forum posts. All of these methods get your site link out to people, and should help to entice visitors to your site.

In doing this, your site should soon be climbing the rankings of Google and the other search engines. The reasons for this are straightforward enough – the added visitor count and the appearance of your link in other places on the web show the search engines that your site is popular, relevant and up to date – all of which are great for placing well in the page rankings.

So, to give your site the best possible chance at good SEO, getting your links out there is crucial. Add it to trade listings, directories, social media sites and more. With a little time and effort to advertise yourself, you should soon notice the rewards as your visitor count grows and your site gets more prominence.