Optimising Your Business Website (SEO)

With the internet fast becoming the main source of advertising for businesses of all sizes, the hot topic of the minute is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Recent studies have shown that while eleven times more sites are found through search engines than print advertisements, 95% of web users do not look past the first 20 listings[1].

Learning the rules of SEO is something of a minefield. Competition is fierce between the ‘natural listing’ advocates and those championing Search Marketing Solutions (SMS). But which is best for your business? And which will get you that coveted first page listing on Google?

The internet is currently awash with companies promising highly placed listings. Some go so far as to guarantee top ten places on Google, though one should be wary of these as many use techniques which can harm your position in the long term. Indeed, the use of SMS CAN get you into the sponsored listings on Google. But as ‘organic’ SEO processes can achieve top results for free, with a little effort and expertise, is it really worth paying out for sponsored places?

The aim of any website is to be seen by people. The aim of a business website is to be seen by potential customers. For a website to do its job, it must be found by the search terms which reflect the business. Yellsites offer you this through their own use of ‘organic’ SEO, and the majority of Yellsites are found to place highly on Google. Consider waiting to see how your new site performs. For small businesses with little direct local competition, ‘natural’ SEO such as this should be more than enough to get you found. SMS is a valuable marketing tool, however, for those needing that further push to get noticed.

[1] Neilson/Net Ratings 2010