Planning Your Video – Part 2

In my previous article “Planning your video – Part 1Jamie Morden with Sony F3”, we discussed the first steps that are needed to be thought through, before we even talk about getting the shoot booked in.  To be able to stand back from your business and  see it through your customers eyes, both existing and new…is key! This can be a lot harder than you may think and it is always a good step to ask your customers on a regular basis, how they see you and also how your staff sees your business. With that covered, you’ll have some valuable information that will be used as a basis for the planning of your video.

Using this information as a starting point, your video will be pitched at the correct audience and have the correct level of detail, content and tone. There have been occasions where I’ve met with clients and it’s ‘Jargon Overload’ or the level of detail to describe the products and services have been too in-depth… if you’ve lost me, what chance do the customers have?

The amount of detail and content, does depend on the type of video you are having though and the budget you have to make it. Online video doesn’t have the time constraints that traditional TV ads have, but of course, the approach of these 2 mediums are vastly different.  When I make a video, I make it as long as it needs to be… nothing too excessive, but I’m not that keen on time limited productions.

You need to see your video as an overview of your business, of the Services that you offer, but it’s much more than that….your website will show potential customers what you do, what services and products you offer, but your video will show them HOW you do it…this is the purpose I believe of having a video, to make you stand out.

Next time, we’ll be going into the details with a case study.