PPC – Refining Your Remarketing

I blogged about remarketing in AdWords and what it’s all about.

One point I mentioned was:

You can always go one step further and create separate lists for those who visited and didn’t buy and those that visited and brought.

So this post plans to elaborate on this. How do you make your remarketing more refined?

You need to add more coding and then make lists.

Example we will use is a store which sells say shoes, handbags and dresses. You could have different codes for all the shoe pages, dress pages, handbags.


Because then you know which area they are looking at over a general ‘ we sell all this stuff’ advert. You could also refine this further – say someone buys a pair of shoes from a range which has a matching bag – you could target them with those adverts. They would need to be in a list of ‘Shoe people’ ‘Who didn’t convert’. If you have adwords conversion tracking set up you can minus this from the targeting range.

If you have loads of people visiting a certain dress, but not buying it – perhaps it’s a bit pricey and you *could* afford to drop the price a bit and still have an ROI – follow the people with a ‘10% off with this advert’. If you are feeling brave you could use a code but then be aware it may end up on a money saving website, facebook walls.

Way to do this is is, start a new campaign  for the area you want to refine. Set it up. Click on Audiences, remarketing codes, then add a new one for Shoes. Generate a remarketing code and paste it on every relevant page.

When this has data though how do you just target people who don’t buy? Go through the same steps. But instead of selecting remarketing lists, select custom combinations.

Breaking remarketing lists down

So, add all users interested in Shoes. Click Save.

Then on the blue ‘Add another’ click on it, and select ‘none of the audiences’ and ‘Purchases’ or whatever you have called your conversion tag for purchasing.

Click save. When the list has populated more, build some decent image adverts promoting additional products, sales or offer codes.

Remarketing is a great function within AdWords and you can be really clever with it.

It makes sense to refine it. If you ran an offer targeting everyone, even those who had brought something you may end up alienating them with a ‘come back and save 10%!’ it could also look a bit rubbish.

If you aren’t in a position to add coding to your website you could always create a list for people who brought something and those that didn’t and advertise to them separately. Just follow the above steps and ‘everyone’ combined with ‘none of the audiences’ who brought anything – all users who didn’t convert.

PPC is about relevancy. No reason why this should be lost through lazy remarketing. Get it sorted!