Quick Ways to Get Up to the Minute Website Content

We frequently talk about how website content should be updated regularly and be relevant. It should be regular because firstly it’s going to keep your visitors coming back for more and secondly it helps with your Google juice. I don’t need to tell you why it should relevant – we all know, it can just sometimes be hard to keep that at the forefront of our mind over whatever the message is we’d like to push out.

One of the challenges with sticking to both of these things (aside from resource) is actually coming up with the ideas for writing. It can be a challenge to stay ahead of the ball all the time and churn out all this lovely content.

I’ve found the following methods really good for when you’re out of inspiration, or just want to seem on it (even when you don’t feel like it)…

1.    Look out the window

What is the weather doing outside your window (or even better outside your audience’s window)? It may be British and clichéd but we do tend to talk about the weather and there is nothing more up to the minute or relevant then whether people are snowed in, enjoying a heat wave or jumping in puddles on the way to work/the shops. If you’re thinking about the weather then so are your audience and there are plenty of ways it affects them, regardless of industry. Work it into your content, update you images, say what they’re thinking and you’ve instantly got on their wavelength.

2.    Check the headlines

Whatever industry you’re in there will be a go to news source for the latest goings on that are relevant to your business. Read them, collate the interesting pieces of information and present them to your readers with links through to juicy content. Yes you may be directing people from your site but they’ll remember that they heard it from you and you can put a spin on that makes the news tie in with your brand. Find something quirky (or graphical, people love an infographic) and you’ll get bonus points and more sharing.

3.    Run a poll

Polls are a great way of getting some interaction on your website and they also update with results automatically so then show a useful piece of content to boot. We’ve found that the more generic the question the better but try to think of something that is likely to challenge the norm or is a bit controversial. It may bring out a trend that surprises readers and all you had to do was set the question up in the first place.