SEO at Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” 

The festive season is upon us once more, and many of us are feeling the pressure. There’s shopping to be done, parties to go to, loved ones to visit… The internet can take a lot of that strain for us. No more running around the town centre in the bitter cold: we can order gifts, book appointments, choose outfits and much more from the comfort of our own homes.

Christmas online

For many businesses, Christmas is a busy time. Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, you are very likely to see an increase in custom during this period. But is your website also catering to these customers? Is it taking advantage of the festive searches, and ensuring that your website is being returned to online Christmas visitors by the search engines?

Update your content

In recent posts, we have looked at the importance of updating your website content to improve search engine optimisation (SEO). Now could be a great time to do just that. Current search trends will have changed, and it may be that you are missing a share of the market if you haven’t refreshed your content and updated those keywords. Google and the other search engines aim to return relevant sites to their customers, and right now, the most relevant content for many of those customers will be Christmas related.

Christmas keywords

Choosing your keywords well is a vital aspect of ensuring your website is well optimised. Making sure these keywords match up with what people are looking for will greatly improve the chance of the search engines returning your site in its search results. Perhaps your site sells items which are popular gifts. The keywords ‘Christmas presents’ and ‘Christmas gifts’ could be added to your website, along with product names you know will be big sellers for you. If you offer hairdressing, beauty or clothing services, you may wish to have ‘Christmas parties’ featuring heavily in your website, along with popular services. For taxi and car hire firms, you might want to include ‘Christmas party transport’ and ‘Christmas holidays’. These seasonal searches are currently being carried out by many, many people, and by making sure your website meets their needs, you won’t be missing out on the advantages of festive SEO.