Smart Online Marketing: Is Your Company Really Staffed by Supermodels?

If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m a believer in being real on your website. Being yourself is a great way to be different in the bland world of marketing.

Not trying to sound important with long words. Not pretending to be a multinational when you’re a one-man-band. And, not pretending that your company is staffed by supermodels.

(Unless it is, then all I can say is congratulations).

It’s so common for websites to be all corporate and slick, where every member of staff appears to have walked straight out of a mail-order catalogue.

Come on. Does this fool you when you visit other websites? Of course not.

But (you might argue), good looking people are associated with quality and success. This is true, a good looking politician is more likely to get elected than an ugly one.

But I would argue that images of the real people in your company will do more to reassure potential customers about who they’re doing business with. There is a trust gap online and so everything you can do to close it improves the chances of a sale.

This doesn’t mean adding grainy photos of everyone stood in the car park. Get a professional photographer to do it for you. It might set you back a few quid, but your website will be much more effective as a result.

And, if you have a few good looking people working for you, well… you have the best of both worlds.