So You Know You Need Great Website Content: But What if You Have No Ideas?

Many people in the online marketing world bang on about ‘content is king’. They say if you create great website content you’ll become more of an authority in your business niche. People will respect and trust you more, increasing the likelihood they’ll do business with you.

Ok, that all sounds great – give people useful information and it’s good for business.

But what if you have no ideas for great website content?

Every business has a wealth of content it can generate. You just need to get your thinking hat on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solicitor or a scrap metal merchant, there is information you can provide to your customers which they will value.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you’re a painter and decorator. Here are 20 website content ideas for your small business:

  1. 5 colours to avoid when painting your home.
  2. 8 ways to save money at the DIY store
  3. How much should a decorator cost me?
  4. How to spot a cowboy tradesman?
  5. Will underfloor heating increase the value of my home?
  6. How do you mount a TV on the wall, without it falling down?
  7. How to lay wooden flooring in 5 easy steps
  8. How to get a professional finish when painting walls
  9. How to make your home more attractive to buyers
  10. The 7 biggest DIY mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  11. The easy way to hang wallpaper straight
  12. How to tile your bathroom like a professional
  13. Removing wallpaper the easy way
  14. 3 tips for a smooth finish when repairing plasterboard
  15. How to get trade discounts without being in the trade
  16. 7 DIY shortcuts that will save you time and money
  17. 10 handyman techniques that every man should know
  18. 10 skills for women who like to do it themselves
  19. The easy way to repair a crack in your wall
  20. How to decorate your home on a shoestring budget

You may be thinking. ‘Hang on chief, if I tell people all this stuff I’ll be doing myself out of a job!’

Well, it may feel like that but it’s just not the case. And I’ll tell you why.

Those people who want to learn how to do something themselves, will simply do it themselves. They’ll either learn from your website or one of your competitors. So why not be the one to help them? The day they can’t be bothered to do it themselves, or they can now afford to hire someone, that someone will be you.

Maybe that couple who were happy to learn how to decorate their home themselves, will want to hire you since their new baby came along.

What about the group of people who will happily paint a wall, but anything more complicated and they’ll always ‘get someone in’. With a website visitor like this, can you see the benefit of offering expert advice for the things they can handle, alongside your marketing message positioning your service for the difficult stuff?

Now, you’re not likely to be a painter and decorator, but the concept applies to any business. Don’t believe me? Comment below and tell me what business you think this wouldn’t work for – I’ll then prove you wrong.

So think about what information your site visitors would find useful. Then begin creating that content. If you don’t feel comfortable writing this content yourself, hire a good writer.

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