The Impact of Not Testing Email Campaigns Properly

Did you know that according to econsultancy only 32% of marketers frequently test their email marketing campaigns? That really isn’t much and is quite worrying. This could reflect really badly on your online marketing efforts.

Avoid pink puppies!
Avoid pink puppies!

If you’re one of 68% that aren’t testing your emails before you send them out then think about this…

You’re risking your reputation

All it takes is one email with a spelling mistake in it or missing word and you’ve just made a prospect or customer think that you don’t value high quality. Most businesses want to do business with suppliers who care about quality because if you’re lax with your own work, how can they trust you with theirs?

You’re risking not getting seen

With ISPs being very strict on what they’re letting get into the inbox, not testing your email campaigns for spam warnings and deliverability  means your email may not get seen. By sending emails that they think are spammy (even if they’re not intended that way) you could damage your reputation as a sender long term.

You’re risking your revenue

Email marketing has proven itself to give good ROI as a marketing tool, so why would you want to risk that ROI by not testing that they are mistake free, optimised for the best results and they’re actually going to get in the inbox?

I’m hoping that this has persuaded you to the value of getting campaigns properly tested, however in case there are any doubts – every campaign that is sent out untested turns a puppy pink. Do you want to be responsible for that?

Ask your email provider what testing tools they can offer you and make sure you utilise them, in addition to that set up an internal test list that you can use before EVERY campaign. Fire your email to them, get feedback, make changes and only then send out.