Using Your Website Content for SEO

Whoever is responsible for producing website content knows that it can be time consuming to create and finding the right people to contribute can be even harder. Does this mean that perhaps it’s not worth trying to find those 4 new pieces every month? Nope, it just means that the content should work harder for you!

If you’re asking one of your experts to dedicate their time to writing a compelling B2B whitepaper or consumer guide to just sit on the website – they may not think it worth their time. If you then tell them that content will be used to boost SEO rankings, capture potential customer data and will be emailed to your entire database – you may get their attention.
Quality content, whether that’s B2B or B2C,  can be valuable across all of your marketing channels so why just place it on your site and hope that people find it?

Here are some examples & benefits of what you can use your content for:

Boosting SEO rankings

The more links you have to your website the higher up the SEO rankings your site goes, a well crafted blog or piece of product news (offer?) with a link to your site will not only drive traffic but also give your ranking a gee up. Additionally Google now ranks sites based on relevancy and educational content so they will give you a higher quality score if you’re providing genuinely useful content. And where do people do their product research these days? Google.

Capturing potential customer details/Generating leads

People will give you their contact details (gold dust) if you are providing them with something they deem valuable in return. And these days a lot of that could be related to content on your website. Consumers want to hear about offers and product availability before others and in B2B educational content that helps their job is worth its weight. Put your quality content behind a simple web form and let them know that by providing their details they’ll get contacted about other relevant offers and your content is paying for itself.

Providing content for your email sends/social media activity

There are many email marketing strategies you can use, the most common is a monthly newsletter – which needs good content in order for people to open and click through to your site. How about a retargeting email to your whole database to keep them engaged and sort out those who are interested in your business to those who aren’t? Use your website content as a draw and you’ll soon be able to sort your list by who is engaged with your company (opened & clicked), who needs a little encouragement (opened only) and who is just sat on your list (does nothing).

Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your company but again followers/fans need a reason to engage with you, what’s in it for them? Vouchers, promotions or helpful content is just the ticket to make your social a two way interaction.

So I’ve given you just a few reasons as to why your content is worth producing, whether you need to persuade yourself or others – they should provide a compelling argument to keep it up!