What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of a site

As someone who used to be a techno-phobe myself, I thought a brief introduction to domain names might be handy for those of you who, like me, don’t have a natural affinity for IT and all it entails. So, the basics: A domain name, also known as a URL or website address, is literally the address of a website; the code used to locate content pages of a particular business or organisation, for example www.a-good-example.co.uk. Think of it as a house name and postcode enabling the post man to find your house to deliver letters, only in this case it will be search engines delivering customers to your site entrance. Ideally, a domain name should reflect the content of the website, for example, containing a business name and/or a business service: e.g. www.website-blogger.co.uk. This makes the site easier to find for customers directly hunting for you, and more optimised for search engines which are trying to find websites which contain content matching customers’ search terms. Yell Web Consultants are specially trained to insert key words into our customers’ URLs and website content in order to optimise websites for both search engines and independent customer searches. In summary, a domain name, or URL, is the address of a website, which should ideally contain your company name or a key service which your company provides, thus enabling search engines and customers to find your website quickly and easily.