What’s the Secret to Creating Great Website Content When You Have No Time?

If you’re reading blogs about website content then you will have heard that one of the smartest strategies in online marketing is to create a website that’s an authority in your business niche. This means providing valuable content to your audience; content your site visitors need, trust and want to come back for.

But the problem with creating all this valuable content is it takes time. And with the economy the way it is, one thing you don’t have is time.

So it’s very easy to put off the hard work of creating great website content, even though you know it’s important.

But think about the words of Martin Luther King:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

You don’t have to have an all singing, all dancing authority site in your business niche on day one. Just get yourself in a position where you have a functioning website that gives you the flexibility to add new content and then take that first step: create one piece of content. Just one piece of information that your website visitors will find useful.

Don’t over think it. Don’t worry about how this one piece of content fits in with a complex multi-media marketing campaign. That’s making it too complicated.

This first step should be simple. A good starting point would be writing a short guide on how to solve a problem that relates to the product you sell: “How to Paint Your House Like a Professional”, for a DIY retailer.

After you have created this one piece of content, then create another. Make creating valuable website content a part of your working week – just an hour or two. One piece of content, one small step at a time.