Call Counter Out of Area Guidance

Yell provides out of area Call Counter numbers for customers that specify that they require a telephone number with a different geographic area code to the one in which they are primarily located.

The provision of out of area numbers is regulated by Ofcom though its Telephone Numbering Plan, and their use in advertising is subject to the CAP Code. The latest guidance provided by the Committee of Advertising Practice, the self-regulatory body that creates, revises and enforces the CAP Code, is set out in the CAP Code advice. You must read this guidance.

Customers should only use out of area Call Counter numbers without qualification if the number corresponds to a permanent base within the area used by the customer to conduct business. Customers must not quote false local contact details misleadingly implying that they trade from that location. If you believe that your advertising does not or may not meet the requirements then you must contact us as soon as possible on 0800 60 50 60.

Further information

Further information which may be helpful is shown below:

Use of phrases that imply a local presence in advertisement copy should only be used where there is indeed a valid localised presence, such phrases may include those similar to the examples below:

  • Local
  • Serving the XXXX area
  • Use of a map/name of the local area
  • Established in XXXX since …
  • Looking for Skip Hire in XXXX?

If travelling time is charged it must be made clear to the end customer before they agree to purchase goods or services.

Advertisers should make clear the geographic location where they are based, irrespective of the Call Counter Geo code that is chosen. Eg Call Bournemouth 01202 123456 – Head Office: 15 Anytown Rd, Anytown SL99 1ZZ


Updated on 23 February 2017