Service Specification: Social Advertising

1. Introduction

This Service Specification is subject to the Conditions. Defined terms used in the Conditions have the same meanings when used in this Service Specification.

Clicks” means the action of following a hyperlink within your Social Media Advertisement or Social Media Posting to another website or another page or frame within that Advertisement.

Connect” means the Yell product where we list and manage your businesses details on various top websites in the UK.

Impressions” means the number of times your Social Media Advertisement is presented to your target audience.

Minimum Term” means the minimum duration that applies to the provision of the Services set out in these Conditions.

"Monthly Target" means eight Impressions.

“Our Content” means Content created or provided by us.

Our Representatives” means our affiliates and any employee, partner, agent, contractor, service provider, licensor or other representative of us or of our affiliates.

Social Media Advertisement” means the advertising campaign where our online advertising experts find, target and optimise your advert on your behalf to drive traffic, calls, visits or likes.

“Social Media Posting” means our content posting service where we provide a daily stream of topical, interesting and engaging content on your social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Unique Users” means an individual person on the social media platform.

“Your Content” means Content provided by you.

2. This Service comprises:

  1. initial consultation and planning with Our Representatives;
  2. the design and custom creation of your Social Media Advertisement;
  3. development of your Social Media Advertisement campaigns;
  4. editing content for your Social Media Advertisement;
  5. creating as required, content for Social Media Advertisement; and
  6. monthly reporting

with the objective of targeting the most relevant audiences and locations, which includes the rankings and prominence of your Social Media Advertisement.

The table below provides the number of Unique Users we expect your Social Media Advertisement to achieve based on your monthly spend:

Cost (£) Unique Users
150.00 2,000
200.00 3,000
250.00 3,750
300.00 4,500
350.00 5,000
400.00 6,000
450.00 7,000
500.00 8,000
550.00 9,000
600.00 10,000
650.00 11,000
700.00 12,000
750.00 13,000
800.00 14,000
850.00 15,000
900.00 16,000
950.00 17,000
1,000 18,000
1,050 19,000
1,100 20,000
1,150 21,000
1,200 22,000
1,250 23,000
1,300 24,000
1,350 25,000
1,400 26,000
1,450 27,000
1,500 28,000
1,550 29,000
1,600 30,000
1,650 31,000
1,700 32,000
1,750 33,000
1,800 34,000
1,850 35,000
1,900 36,000
1,950 37,000
2,000 38,000
2,050 39,000
2,100 40,000
2,150 41,000
2,200 42,000
2,250 43,000
2,300 44,000
2,350 45,000
2,400 46,000
2,450 47,000
2,500 48,000
2,550 49,000
2,600 50,000
2,650 51,000
2,700 52,000
2,750 53,000
2,800 54,000
2,850 55,000
2,900 56,000
2,950 57,000
3,000 58,000

3. Your Obligations

(a) You shall:

(i) add a Yell business manager nominated by us as an administrative user to your business’ Facebook page and grant us the right to exercise all administrative functions for the purpose of delivering the Services;

(ii) provide us with the Content and information related to your Social Media Advertisement and grant us an worldwide, royalty free license to use the Content for the purpose of delivering the Services; and

(iii) co-operate and do all things reasonably requested of you for the purpose of delivering the Services.

(b) You warrant that you and Your Content comply with the relevant terms on Facebook (currently located at:

4. Social Media Advertisement/ Posting

(a) We will only use Your Content and Our Content for the Social Media Advertisement.

(b) Yell makes no representations or warranties regarding the Impressions, Clicks, calls, or business that will be generated by the Service.

(c) You acknowledge that Yell has no control over the policies of social media sites with respect to the type of content that they accept or the way in which content is displayed either now or in the future, and social media sites may:

(i) stop accepting submissions from Yell for an indefinite period of time with or without notice; or

(ii) cease to list a Social Media Advertisement at its discretion, however should content not reappear within thirty (30) days of it not being listed then Yell will re-optimise the applicable content based on the current policies of the relevant social media site at no cost to you. You waive and hold us harmless against any claim arising in such circumstances.

(d) The guarantee given in relation to this product shall mean that where a Social Media Advertisement is available for Impressions to your target audience and does not achieve the Monthly Target in a billing month ("Refund Month") then we shall refund your monthly spend for that Refund Month subject to our receiving from you a written notice of claim clearly identifying your account, the nature of the claim, and the affected Social Media Advertisement within 30 days of the end of the Refund Month. Where a refund is given for two Refund Months for a Social Media Advertisement, then Yell shall have the right to terminate that Social Media Advertisement.

5. Term

The Minimum Term for this Service is six (6) months commencing on the date we send a Confirmation of Order unless stated otherwise in the Confirmation of Order.

Updated on 27 March 2017