Richard Hanscott, CEO

Richard Hanscott

Richard joined Yell in 2011 and has led the business to become a leading provider of digital marketing services to SMEs in the UK. He has extensive knowledge of the IT & telecoms sectors, and building successful consumer and B2B organisations.

Before joining Yell, Richard worked in senior roles at businesses including NEC, Orange & Hewlett Packard.

Yell announces Facebook partnership

Reading, UK, 6 April 2017 – Yell today announces a new facebook partnership and the launch of a unique and highly targeted social advertising product, aimed at helping local businesses harness the power of social.

The partnership will see Yell offer local businesses advanced targeting of facebook users, with the guarantee that they reach those users a minimum of 8 times a month, which research supports as the optimum number of times to see a facebook advert*....

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Video is key

Reading, UK, April 2017 – New research from Yell, the largest provider of digital marketing services in the UK, has revealed most of the UK’s 5.5 million SMBs are struggling to embrace digital, or even the basics of web presence. Small businesses can generate (60%)* more web traffic and almost a third (30%)* more leads, by adding video to their online presence.  Despite this, nine out of ten (85%) of UK small businesses are neglecting the basics and have out of date or incorrect information listed on their websites.

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Trust Index

Reading, UK, May 2017 – A new study out today has found that dentists, hairdressers and gardeners are viewed as being amongst the most trusted local businesses in the UK. The research carried out by Yell, one of the largest providers of digital marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK, found that by contrast, car dealers, estate agents and letting companies are viewed as being the least trustworthy to give a good standard of service at a fair price.

The nation-wide study, looking at trust in business, found that two-fifths (41%) of people are more likely to trust local services than bigger, nation-wide companies; echoing broader trends of an erosion in faith in traditional institutions..

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Response to government policy

“Today’s business tax relief does not go far enough. It is simply plastering over a serious issue for small businesses.

68%*of our customers are worried about the increase in rates and for a third (31%*) it is the single biggest issue facing their business currently, keeping 22%*of our customers awake at night.

Speaking to our customers, many are seriously concerned about how they will swallow the financial impact of the new business rates and stay afloat. 35%*are concerned they may not survive the next twelve months.

Many of our customers are already struggling to manage skyrocketing rents. Rather than expecting already cash-strapped businesses to front up capital before they can even apply for discretionary relief from the council, we should be looking at ways to help them thrive and succeed in this time of economic uncertainty. They should not be penalised further because of the geographic location of their business.

The government has to do more than the business rates relief measures today to support all our local, home grown businesses and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.”

* Simply Critical Research of 201 businesses, March 2017

Mark Clisby – Director @ Yell

The Future of Gender Equality

Reading, UK, 18 July, 2016 –  Yell Business has unveiled a new report looking to the future and what the next 100 years holds for gender equality, family life, technology and businesses.

The report is in two parts, one; a retrospective commentary about the progression of gender equality over the past 100 years; the other a future-gazing prediction featuring 10 key likely advancements over the next 100 years, based on past and current trends, and academic research

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Mark Clisby, Product & Marketing Director

Mark Clisby

Mark has been with Yell for over 10 years and is currently leading the transformation of the Yell brand to be recognised as one of the largest digital brands in the UK. Passionate about delivering great customer experience, he is also an industry expert in using insight and data to truly engage customers at every interaction.


Sarah O'Rafferty
Head of PR

 Newgate Communications

91% of painters and decorators in the UK miss out

Reading, UK, 11 July, 2016 – Yell, one of the biggest providers of digital marketing in the UK, has discovered an overwhelming majority of painters & decorators (91%) it researched have wrong or inconsistent information online1, including basic details such as a phone number or email.

Feedback shows 89% of customers say they will try another company if the details listed online for a particular business are incorrect2, suggesting many small businesses, including painters & decorators, are missing out on a lot of potential custom.

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