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Richard Hanscott, CEO

Richard Hanscott

Richard joined Yell in 2011 and has led the business to become a leading provider of digital marketing services to SMEs in the UK. He has extensive knowledge of the IT & telecoms sectors, and building successful consumer and B2B organisations.

Before joining Yell, Richard worked in senior roles at businesses including NEC, Orange & Hewlett Packard.

Yell to become a purely digital business

1st September 2017, UK – Yell, the leading provider of managed digital marketing services*, today announces the final print cycle of Yellow Pages, marking the company’s full transition to a purely digital business. The first of the 104 final editions is being distributed in Kingston in January 2018, with the final ever edition distributed in January 2019 in Brighton, back where it all began.

Yellow Pages was first published in 1966 and for many years has been a popular way for consumers to search and find local businesses. Yell has been the champion of local business for over 50 years and is well known for its iconic advertising, including the famous J.R. Hartley campaign.

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Mark Clisby, Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Clisby

Mark has been with Yell for over 10 years and is currently leading the transformation of the Yell brand to be recognised as one of the largest digital brands in the UK. Passionate about delivering great customer experience, he is also an industry expert in using insight and data to truly engage customers at every interaction.

Importance of managing your digital investment properly


Sarah O'Rafferty
Head of PR

Classic Yell adverts

Shayne Ward Appearing at Trafford Centre

On Saturday 18th August, singer, actor and Mancunian star Shayne Ward will be making an appearance at the Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester, to call upon local residents to support independent businesses in the area. - the UK’s leading business directory is visiting Manchester as part of a nation-wide tour to encourage the British public to discover and support small local businesses.

The X-Factor winner turned TV actor, Shayne Ward is one of Manchester’s many famous exports...

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Business by the year 2050

7 November 2017, UK – A report released today by Yell reveals a positive view on how businesses will look by the year 2050, thanks to a wave of new technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the internet of things.

The digital marketing services provider has partnered with acclaimed futurist and author James Wallman, to predict how certain changes in what has been dubbed ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will affect small, or relatively new businesses.

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Small business is winning big: more people than ever searching for, and shouting about local favourites online

19 March 2018, UK - Shopping habits are seemingly returning to days of old, with more people than ever making the effort to get out, explore their local area and find ‘hidden gems’, a new study by online business directory has revealed.

Posts relating to finding a new local business on photo-sharing app Instagram have grown at a rate of more than 50% year-on-year. The most popular terms being used to describe a discovery of a new local business on social channels are...

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Want a chance to win £10,000 the UK’s No. 1 online business directory* are offering a series of great prizes during their UK wide consumer roadshow, which is coming to Westfield London this weekend.

Up for grabs each day are an Amazon Echo – in addition, you can also get information on a prize draw for the chance to win a range of fun experiences designed to make you ‘YELL’, and also be entered into a grand prize to win £10,000.

Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell says, “We’re really excited to be bringing our #justyell roadshow to Westfield London and sharing our....

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This Morning’s Alison Hammond Appearing at Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre

On Friday 20th July, TV presenter and beloved Brummie Alison Hammond will be making an appearance at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, to call upon local residents to support independent businesses in the area. - the UK’s leading business directory are visiting Birmingham as part of a nation-wide tour to encourage the British public to discover and support small local businesses.




1966 - General Post Office first publishes a classified section called Yellow Pages in the Brighton telephone directory
1973 - Yellow Pages Directories rolled out
1987 - Yell begins its digital offering with Electronic Yellow Pages
1996 - The first iteration of the business directory website launches
1998 - Yell starts offering its customers website build and digital advertising services
2009 - PPC advertising & video creation services added to Yell’s product portfolio
2010 - Ratings & Reviews launches
2014 - Yell websites are mobile adaptive
2015 - Yell app for Apple watches, Yell Stores and Connect (free listing checker) launches
2016 - Yell launches Facebook Social product. Custom websites & SEO launches into Yell Digital Agency channel
2017 - Yell launches their Pledge: ‘Yell is championing local business by helping a million small businesses be found, chosen and trusted by more customers online, by 2020’

Yell announces Facebook partnership

Reading, UK, 6 April 2017 – Yell today announces a new facebook partnership and the launch of a unique and highly targeted social advertising product, aimed at helping local businesses harness the power of social.

The partnership will see Yell offer local businesses advanced targeting of facebook users, with the guarantee that they reach those users a minimum of 8 times a month, which research supports as the optimum number of times to see a facebook advert*....

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Yell media images

Video is key

Reading, UK, April 2017 – New research from Yell, the largest provider of digital marketing services in the UK, has revealed most of the UK’s 5.5 million SMBs are struggling to embrace digital, or even the basics of web presence. Small businesses can generate (60%)* more web traffic and almost a third (30%)* more leads, by adding video to their online presence.  Despite this, nine out of ten (85%) of UK small businesses are neglecting the basics and have out of date or incorrect information listed on their websites.

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91% of painters and decorators in the UK miss out

Reading, UK, 11 July, 2016 – Yell, one of the biggest providers of digital marketing in the UK, has discovered an overwhelming majority of painters & decorators (91%) it researched have wrong or inconsistent information online1, including basic details such as a phone number or email.

Feedback shows 89% of customers say they will try another company if the details listed online for a particular business are incorrect2, suggesting many small businesses, including painters & decorators, are missing out on a lot of potential custom.

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Trust Index

Reading, UK, May 2017 – A new study out today has found that dentists, hairdressers and gardeners are viewed as being amongst the most trusted local businesses in the UK. The research carried out by Yell, one of the largest providers of digital marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK, found that by contrast, car dealers, estate agents and letting companies are viewed as being the least trustworthy to give a good standard of service at a fair price.

The nation-wide study, looking at trust in business, found that two-fifths (41%) of people are more likely to trust local services than bigger, nation-wide companies; echoing broader trends of an erosion in faith in traditional institutions..

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Twitter Feed: Yell Business

Yell logos

The Future of Gender Equality

Reading, UK, 18 July, 2016 –  Yell Business has unveiled a new report looking to the future and what the next 100 years holds for gender equality, family life, technology and businesses.

The report is in two parts, one; a retrospective commentary about the progression of gender equality over the past 100 years; the other a future-gazing prediction featuring 10 key likely advancements over the next 100 years, based on past and current trends, and academic research

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Dragons’ Den Star to Visit The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading

This Friday 23 March 2018, celebrity businesswoman and ex-BBC Dragons’ Den star Sarah Willingham will be making an appearance at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading, to call upon local residents to support small businesses in the area.

Sarah will be speaking at the stand alongside the CEO of Yell, Richard Hanscott, as part of a nationwide tour to encourage the British public to discover and support small local businesses.

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