New Yell research shows video is key to driving online business awareness

Reading, UK, April 2017 – New research from Yell, the largest provider of digital marketing services in the UK, has revealed most of the UK’s 5.5 million SMBs are struggling to embrace digital, or even the basics of web presence. Small businesses can generate (60%)* more web traffic and almost a third (30%)* more leads, by adding video to their online presence.  Despite this, nine out of ten (85%) of UK small businesses are neglecting the basics and have out of date or incorrect information listed on their websites.

“Small businesses are missing out on reaching new markets and customers by failing to embrace digital,” says Mark Clisby, marketing director of Yell. “Video is a powerful medium to reach customers and potential customers, being able to sell a product much easier and faster than words. Not only does video create local business awareness, it has a positive impact on your business interaction and customer acquisition. Someone who has enjoyed a video on your website are very likely to buy from you and recognise your business in the future, however (96%) of consumers say they’ve visited sites that are clearly not designed for mobile devices.’’*

“Small businesses are often time, resource and financially constrained. Optimising their online presence may not be an immediate priority. What many do not realise is that a website can be built in less than five minutes by digital marketing experts. And these experts can also help them to cost effectively harness video to capture and captivate their audience,” added Clisby.

The research also revealed the importance of personalisation and going mobile in driving businesses’ digital performance:

  • Personalised websites generate (17%) more time on a site*
  • Personalised websites experience a (25%) lower bounce rate*
  • Mobile makes up (88%) of all 'near me' searches with those mobile searches growing even faster, at (146%) year over year*

‘’Imagery is a key element which is often underestimated and a professional look and feel is vital to promoting your local business. With Social engagement constantly increasing and our customer’s businesses now being viewed by newsfeed ads on facebook, small businesses need to stand out online and grow their business to its full potential in a digitally dependant generation.’’ concluded Clisby.

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