Yell’s new strategy delivers unique smart digital marketing solutions and helps businesses connect to consumers through the new world of conversational commerce

20 February 2020

Yell plans to re-affirm and grow its position as the No.1 digital marketing service provider for all types of local businesses* in the UK, by launching a new range of smart solutions, delivered by a customer-obsessed organisation.

It also plans to evolve and transform, by connecting businesses and consumers through messaging and conversational commerce. Yell has partnered with a leading messaging platform provider to develop AI-driven local messaging marketplaces that provide unique experiences to consumers and new monetisation opportunities.

Stabilise and grow Yell’s position with unique smart digital marketing solutions

Yell is launching a new range of smart digital marketing solutions, starting with Yell Smart Performance in April 2020. Working in partnership with GotU, Yell will be the first to deliver smart technology at scale to help businesses optimise their advertising spend across Google Ads, social adverts and online display networks. These new solutions will build campaigns faster and to a higher quality but, most importantly, will also deliver a significant increase in returns for customers’ investments.

Evolve and transform by connecting businesses to consumers through the new world of conversational commerce

Yell has partnered with leading messaging platform provider LivePerson to develop the proposition; securing its position at the heart of the new world of conversational commerce. With over 100 billion messages sent on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram every day, the evidence is clear - this is how consumers want to communicate. Messaging is also the future language of commerce, harnessing artificial intelligence and digital voice assistants to power the devices of the future, however most businesses are not ready to take advantage of this opportunity. With 3m business listings and over 125k Yell for Business app users, Yell has more relationships with businesses than anyone else in the UK and is ready to help them get connected.

Once messaging is established, the brand will be transformed by building richer conversational commerce marketplaces on a local level, supported by rich data and insight. This will enable consumers to use messaging to find the best business, to get prices and quotes, find who’s available now, confirm bookings, make payments and review all within the messaging marketplace. Yell will develop local marketplaces in specific business categories and locations across the UK supporting by localised marketing investment.

Yell’s new strategy delivers unique smart digital marketing solutions and helps businesses take advantage of conversational commerce.

Claire Miles, CEO of Yell said: “We’re excited to announce our new strategy that will ensure Yell strengthens its position as a digital brand that is loved by both businesses and consumers. We have a great opportunity to differentiate our proposition in the market, using leading technology partners and combining that with the creation of a truly customer- obsessed organisation.

Following the rise of messaging and conversational commerce, Yell will evolve and transform to provide a truly unique consumer experience. We have many business relationships across the UK and we’re ready to help them connect to this new digital world, and in turn help them to harness the power of data and technology to meet the rising expectations of consumers.


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About Yell

Yell is No.1 for managed digital marketing services for all types of local businesses in the UK*. Its goal is simple; to connect consumers and businesses online. now provides advanced tools to support consumers in their search for suppliers, including ratings and reviews, mobile apps and social media sharing. Yell is one of the largest resellers of Google Ads in the UK and provides a range of fully managed digital marketing services for businesses including Pay Per Click, Websites, Display adverts, Social media and directory listings. Over 130,000 businesses currently advertise with Yell, and is used by millions of consumers every month.

*Source: M-Brain research 2017, #1 in terms of revenue from sales of managed digital marketing services