How to Write Alt Text for Accessibility

Blind and visually impaired people use alternative text (alt text) to understand images, charts and other visual content displayed online. Alt text is a brief description of an image that’s read aloud by screenreader software. It’s important to write alt text that describes the content of the image, and to place it in the HTML […]

5 Website Updates to Do in 2022

Get a head-start on the spring cleaning with these five website updates to keep your business fresh in 2022. Just a few small tweaks can make a lot of difference in your ranking and overall performance. User experience, accuracy, aesthetics, accessibility and buzz around your website – all covered. Whatever 2022 brings, we’re starting it […]

Writing for Accessibility

More and more, getting a website to perform well means designing accessibility for everyone. To succeed in search engines, we have to meet and surpass accessibility guidelines. For your website, that’s about two main things: reading level and ease of use for people with sight issues. Reading level “Around 15 per cent, or 5.1 million […]

Small Business Ethics: Helping Vulnerable Customers

As a small business, you’re in an odd position where you’re both more able to help vulnerable customers than a big corporate – and less. While you don’t have a corporate responsibility budget, you have more sight of who your individual customers are and more control over how you treat them. Without shareholders, you can […]

Alt Text on Twitter Images – New SEO Potential

Not only does posting an image on Twitter increase post engagement (Twitter say by as much as 313%); it’s just got a huge SEO boost thanks to a new update. We now have alt text for Twitter images. Amazing. What’s alt text, you ask? Housekeeping Alternative text is like a description of your image. It […]

Usability for Beginners – a Quick Introduction

Usability describes how easy it is for an untrained person to understand and use what’s called a ‘human-computer interface’ – such as a piece of software or a website. What is web usability? When we talk about the usability of a website, what we usually mean is: how intuitive the site is to use how […]

What Needs to Be Considered to Get User Experience Right?

User experience (UX) is a key part of your customer service offering. If your website offers poor user experience, for instance with confusing navigation, an unattractive layout or a lengthy and unintuitive process for completing a task, visitors will be frustrated. The most likely result, of course, is that they’ll leave your site – and […]

Web Accessibility 101

Website accessibility is massively overlooked by everyone and it should be one of your highest priorities. Here’s why… Website accessibility allows people with disabilities to use your website. People that have visual disabilities, restricted movement, seizure disorders or learning difficulties should all be able to access your website and it’s your responsibility to ensure that […]

Ten Things to Consider When Building a Website

1. Your aims Before you start on a web project, take some time to think about the purpose behind it. Do you just want to build awareness of your business in the local area, are you keen to sell online or distinguish yourself from your competition? 2. Your audience It’s important to understand what people […]

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