9 PPC Mistakes That Will Disapprove Your Google Ads

It’s an awful feeling when you log into your Google Ads account and you see the dreaded error notification. After all, you’ve decided what your ad should include, fully researched your keywords, planned your message and managed to fit it all into the character limit, but yet it’s still somehow been disapproved. Unfortunately, it’s all […]

Proper Keyword Planning Saves Time

You’ve decided to advertise on a Search Engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo and why wouldn’t you?  The digital adspend in the UK was £7,194bn in 2014 and Search advertising made up a massive 52% of that market – check out the IAB’s Full Year Digital Adspend Results for more information on the market! The […]

Which Google Ad Position Should I Aim For?

When you advertise using Google AdWords, you enter an auction and your advert could end up in any paid position, on any page, where there is an available slot. The positions are labelled; 1 is the first position and this is situated below the search bar normally – you’ll know which one is an ad […]

AdWords Call-Only Campaigns: Why You Should Use Them

Does your business generate many of its leads or sales over the phone? If the answer is yes, Google’s introduction of call-only AdWords campaigns was a significant update that could make PPC advertising much more effective for you. What is a call-only AdWords campaign? For some time now, advertisers on AdWords have been able to […]

Dynamic Search Ads Simplified

Google is always making changes and improvements to their AdWords advertising platform. Last year saw the introduction and adoption of Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). DSAs do not appear any differently on the Search Engine Results page and users will not be able to differentiate them from standard PPC ads. DSAs are set up differently in AdWords […]

Google Plus Ad Extensions

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to stand out and improve their return on investment, with UK digital ad spend up 12.6% the internet is a major platform for lead generation and brand building. In today’s digital world it’s almost impossible to avoid incorporating Google Adwords within your marketing strategy.  More importantly managing a […]

Rogue Car Sales People and People Selling AdWords

Sometimes rogue car sales people (apologies to all decent car sales people) and people selling AdWords are of the same ilk with similar sales strategies. Their aim is to convince you that the rubbish car they are trying to sell you is the best thing ever and solves all your motoring needs. Rogue AdWords sales […]

The Google PPC Adwords Editor – How to Use It

I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to discuss the PPC Google Adwords editor tool, so here we are. The adwords editor tool is a brilliant offline tool which allows you to build your campaigns efficiently, duplicate them, add negative keywords in bulk, edit match types in bulk, add adverts and yes..in […]

Negative Keywords in AdWords PPC

One of the main mistakes people make in setting up a AdWords account is they forget to add negative keywords. This isn’t really their fault as Google don’t make it extremely obvious how to add them or why you should. But you should. As mentioned in a previous post about broad match keywords, they are […]

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