Alt Text on Twitter Images – New SEO Potential

Not only does posting an image on Twitter increase post engagement (Twitter say by as much as 313%); it’s just got a huge SEO boost thanks to a new update. We now have alt text for Twitter images. Amazing. What’s alt text, you ask? Housekeeping Alternative text is like a description of your image. It […]

Getting Up the Google Rankings With a Well Built Site

Appearing high in search engine results pages is a key goal for every business website. It may be the only way that potential customers are able to find you. Although Google’s formula for finding and ranking websites in its search pages – its ‘algorithm’ – is a very closely-guarded secret, a few tried-and-tested tricks when […]

Optimising Images for Local SEO

It’s easy to get carried away with focusing on some of the newer ‘signals’  which are influencing rankings these days, such as social media and freshness.  What is often overlooked is the use of well optimised and engaging images which are contextually relevant and support content. In this week’s post we will look at some […]

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