BufferApp – What Is It?

I came across an interesting social media tool which boldly claims to empower you to be awesome on social media, automagically allowing you to share pictures, video, articles throughout the day!  Yes, you read that correctly ‘automagically’ is the term used by BufferApp on their website..! The purpose of the tool is to connect all […]

Does Mobile Need to Be Considered When It Comes to User Experience?

The use of mobile devices to access the internet has hugely increased in recent times. More and more, people are using smartphones and tablet computers: to find specific information, eg train times to research products and prices before buying in a physical store for entertainment on the move User experience is definitely something to think […]

Four Examples of Successful B2C Social Media Campaigns

There are several different ways to measure the success of social media marketing campaigns, including the number of Likes, views, new followers, redemptions, mentions and sales figures. These four campaigns all achieved success using social media, but in different ways. 1) Guinness: The Friendliest Day of the Year In 2012, Guinness ran a worldwide Facebook […]

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