8 Great Tools for Small Business Organisation

If you agree with the saying “work smarter, not harder”, you may be looking to spend less time on the mundane business tasks and more time on the creating and doing. This may involve looking at processes and changing them to become more efficient or finding tailored small business solutions to boost your productivity. But […]

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Shake up your digital marketing strategy this year with these top twenty in 2020 digital marketing trends. Voice Search and Conversational AI – is code which can offer personalised and instant responses to web queries which give the user answers and information as required adds up to a better UX. Personalisation – includes using targeted […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Follow In 2017

What are you going to do differently this year to attract more opportunities for your business? Of course, you can continue marketing the way you did last year, but market and buying habits are constantly changing behind the scenes. There are no guarantees that last year’s marketing solutions will work in 2017. If they do, […]

Ten Ways to Use IFTTT to Make Your Business More Efficient

Have you heard of IFTTT? It’s an online tool you can use to automate your life. Well, not your ENTIRE life. It’s not going to take out the rubbish or bring you breakfast in bed. But it will create lots of little triggers that will make your online activities easier, faster and more organised. So, […]

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