Remove’em – How to Remove Bad Backlinks

In the wake of the recent Penguin update there are some very creative services being introduced that are helping reverse any potential damage caused to SEO campaigns and in turn rankings. If you have ever looked into link building for your own site in the past to boost your inbound/backlink count then it is very […]

Google Places and SEO

Having links through to your website which appear in other places on the internet is crucial for successful search engine optimisation (SEO), because it helps visitors to find your business website in a variety of different ways, and it also shows search engines that your site is useful and relevent, especially if those links come […]

Can You Buy Backlinks for Local SEO?

We hear it all the time that the more backlinks or inbound links you have coming into your website, the better it is for optimising on search engines. The primary purpose of these links should be to drive new visitors back into your site, this is why they have always been a positive signal for search […]

Optimising LinkedIn to Help With SEO?

There are many social networking sites out there now to choose from geared towards different interests and topics, this list includes the most popular which are the much loved, Facebook and Twitter.  Each of these has some potential value for SEO based on the simple fact that they can provide valuable links back to your website.  […]

Google Plus vs Facebook

In this week’s post, I’ll cover the launch of the new Google Plus or Google + social network. What is it and are there any benefits for local SEO campaigns over the the likes of Facebook and Twitter? Google Plus is a fresh attempt from Google to get into the social networking game. They previously failed miserably with a service called Buzz, this disaster […]

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