Search Me – an SEO Glossary Without the Jargon

If you’re running a business and looking to improve your website you’ve probably come across a lot of bizarre terms like ‘link juice’, ‘bots’ and a surprising amount of animals (spiders, pandas, hummingbirds etc.) that seem to have something to do with Google… This SEO Glossary will help to clear things up.

What Is Search Retargeting?

Increasingly, search marketing specialists are turning to new, more focused ways to reach consumers. Behavioural retargeting is becoming a popular way to reach specific consumer segments – improving conversion rates and boosting return on investment in search marketing. How does behavioural retargeting work? Behavioural retargeting is simply the practice of serving adverts to people on […]

Using Behavioural Targeting and Re-Targeting in Your Banner Campaign

What is behavioural targeting? It is possible to target consumers on-line based on the behaviours they exhibit.  It could be that some consumers show a particular interest in a certain vertical which is relevant to your product or service – for example, the consumer may visit a lot of holiday sites and you sell travel […]

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